The Tao (Path) of High Performance Leadership

We usually spend more than 18 years in school studying, memorizing and being tested on subjects that often don’t apply in the corporate world. Even if some are valuable to conducting business effectively, most educational institutions fall woefully short of preparing us for management (causes action through authority), leadership (causes action through alignment) and especially not high performance leadership (causes action through alignment and inspiration). Therefore, it can take years to discover, practice and master key elements of successful, high performance leadership.

There are thousands and thousands of books about LEADERSHIP and BUSINESS and many of them are truly wonderful. However, most of them are the same as all the rest because they focus on famous people and their achievements or academic principles. The Tao of High Performance Leadership is different – it is UNIQUE because it is about YOU and your PATH (TAO) to high performance and success. The format utilized offers the reader CHOICES which distinguishes it not only from other books but also other READERS. Whether or not you are a manager or consider yourself a leader or work at a large organization or small company you will be guided to make key choices regarding your customized curriculum, your PATH.

Rather than read lots of pages of didactic information that is rarely applied or retained, our strategy for mastery relies on PERSONAL DISCOVERY and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. You will be guided to ask three key questions to determine your individual focus.

What do you need to KEEP?  – What are you good at and need to enhance?

What do you need to DELETE? – What barriers stop you?

What do you need to CREATE? – What new attributes can you master?

Your answers will determine which specific chapters apply to you (this means you don’t have to read the entire book unless you want to) and allows you to learn quickly. Each chapter provides insights through distinctions, quotes, short stories, challenges and even some examples of goals that allow you to PRACTICE your new knowledge and turn insight into mastery. To become that RARE, high performance leader, executives need new, exciting thinking because

“If you always think

What you’ve always thought

And always do

What you’ve always done

You’ll always get what

You’ve always gotten

And think      

What you’ve always thought.”

Combining new thinking with practicing new actions makes learning both useful and fun. This in turns makes the journey to High Performance Leadership profound. You will discover the possibilities of your powerful intention and the tools to manifest it.

“Today is the tomorrow you promised yesterday.” Get started!

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