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As an organizational consultant, Jack specializes in corporate culture and organizational development with such Fortune 500 companies as Avaya, Polaroid, AT&T Broadband and Wells Fargo Bank..

“The Zwissig and Associates leadership development program had a profound effect on both the culture and results of our company. Teamwork and collaboration raised to a level substantially higher than ever before, and we achieved six record years in a row - too many to be just a coincidence."
Dean Hallett
CFO, Entertrainment Industry
“I've been working with Jack for many years now and have found his coaching invaluable, both on a professional and a personal level. I expected to improve as an executive, as that is his expertise, but what I didn't expect when I started working with him were the personal gains that I've made. Jack is insightful, witty, results oriented and a pleasure to work with!”
Claudette Vogelsang
Vice President, Entertainment Industry
“Anyone looking for immediate results on driving change through a merger should look to Jack Zwissig and Associates. He accelerated our alignment by teaching our leadership team how to build a winning culture during the merger process and beyond.”
John Janclaes
CEO/President, Partners Credit Union (Formerly Disney Vista C.U.)

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